Double Walled Tea Cups (Set Of 2)

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Our double-walled teacups with air vacuum are thoughtfully designed to help you enjoy your tea comfortably without having to hurt your hands.

Walking down the streets of Burma, you will find numerous tea shops with low tables and stools, where the locals lazily sip onto their tea as they take a break. These are some of our favourite places to hang out, watching the city go by as we sip on the free-flowing plain green tea. This beautiful set of teacups takes us back to those bustling streets and reminds us that a moment of peace is only a cup of tea away.

Used For -Tea

Materials -Borosilicate Glass

Dimensions -W 2.55" x H 2.5"

Weight -53gms each

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Manu Sharma
Cute & handy

Very cute to serve & pretty looking cups

Binny Mehta (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 Stars - Very Good

Prompt response is always appreciated