Plain Laphet & Spicy Laphet

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This duo is a Burmese pantry staple. Laphet has the magical ability to transform not just quintessentially Burmese dishes but any savoury dish you add it to. Discover the complex, addictive flavours, and you will love to experiment with it in your everyday cooking. What gives our Laphet this unique, versatile flavour is the careful choice of fermentation processes and the elements used to lend other tastes. Plain Laphet is a classic, while the spicy variant has a special kick of chilli; for days when you need that extra zing. Bring home the classic flavours of Burma with this combo. Our restaurant and home kitchens are always stocked with this one, and we absolutely cannot do without it!

Includes -
1. Plain Laphet (Tea Leaf Dressing) (150 gms)
2. Spicy Laphet (Tea Leaf Dressing) (150gms)

Used For -
Used to make our signature Tea Leaf Salad, stir fries, fried rice and also as a dip with chips.

Quick Recipe - Tea Leaf Salad / Spicy Tea Leaf Salad
Prep Time: 8 mins
Cook Time: 4 mins

1. Add veggies (lettuce, tomato, cabbage) to a mixing bowl.
2. Add in the Plain or Spicy Laphet (Burmese tea leaf dressing).
3. Squeeze lemon wedges and mix gently with hands.
4. Add in the crunchy nuts mix. Toss lightly.
5. Empty in a salad bowl and serve chilled.

Ingredients -
Plain Laphet (Tea Leaf Dressing): Tea Leaves, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Monosodium Glutamate, E-202

Spicy Laphet (Tea Leaf Dressing): Tea Leaves, Garlic, Chilli, Lemon, Sunflower Oil, Salt, MsG, E-202, E-296

Storage Instructions -
Store in a cool and dry place.

Allergens -
Processed in a plant where gluten containing products and nuts are used/manufactured.

100% Vegan