An extension of our treasured Burmese culinary heritage

Presenting ‘Pantry’ from Burma Burma. An extension of our treasured Burmese culinary heritage.

With Pantry, we bring the authentic taste of Burma from our family kitchen to yours, to help you make some of the most delicious and comforting Burmese specialties at home. 

Our journey in food is inspired by a story that traces back its origins to the year 1960. Thousands of Burmese Indians were forced to flee the country owing to a military coup, and among them was our co-founder, Ankit Gupta’s mother, Mrs Urmila Gupta. She was born to a family of businessmen in the quaint village of Prome (now Pyay). The move meant leaving behind everything familiar to adapt to her new life in Bombay. All that was left was a treasure trove of memories and recipes from her erstwhile home in Burma.

Munching on sour candied fruit as she walked to school, hearty family meals of Khowsuey and Thoke (Salads), the lingering flavours of her favourite Laphet (Fermented Tea Leaf), were etched in her memory. She began recreating these heirloom recipes for her husband’s family. She’d painstakingly source some ingredients all the way from Burma, make the others at home from scratch, and store them all in her special fridge, meant only for her coveted Burmese condiments.

Ankit grew up eating his mother’s delicacies. He’d always seen friends and family thronging to his home for khowsuey meals. The idea of Burma Burma Restaurants sprung from the thought of sharing his mother’s food with the world. The food he’d grown up eating and one that the world deserved to taste. 

And now, with Burma Burma Pantry, we are sharing his mother’s love for her heritage, translated into some really special offerings for you. These secret agents of flavour are responsible for the iconic taste you associate with Burma Burma Restaurants. Be it the signature toppings, yummy snacks, exquisite spice mixes, or the exotic teas; every offering is inspired from Ankit’s mother’s kitchen. 

With every pantry product, you bring home a mother’s wisdom. Perfectly versatile and ever-evolving, despite being deeply rooted in tradition. Feel free to attempt one of the more traditional recipes or go on to experiment with our products. Because every time Mrs Gupta misses her family home in Burma, the streets and smells of her hometown and the life she left behind, your kitchens will become the place where her memories are safe and celebrated.