Ayurveda Teatox

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Ever caught yourself saying, "Come on, inner peace, I don't have all day!" Well, we heard you! A sip of this tea, and you'll experience tranquillity in an instant.

Each sip will help you relax and unwind. The tea combines harmonic and healing flavours of cinnamon, ginger root, fennel and tulsi.

Tea Type:Speciality

Tea Origin:India

Best Time To Have:Anytime

Tea Color:Gold

Caffeine Content:Zero

Tasting Notes:Refreshing and flowery.

Ingredients:Holy basil (Tulsi), Spearmint, Rose hips, Lemon myrtle, Linden blossoms

Brewing Instructions:1. Add 2 gms of our loose leaf tea per 180 ml cup.
2. Always pour hot water (80°C) on the tea leaves and not the other way around.
3. Steep for 5 minutes.
4. Recommended no of steeps: 2

Health Benefits:1. Immunity booster
2. Helps regulate blood sugar levels
3. Aids digestion

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